Gifted Vision inc is a game design company and self publisher that has dedicated itself to bringing quality products to its customers with excellent customer service. Gifted Vision inc is owned by Jey Legarie and is operated out of Kitchener, ON Canada since its inception in Toronto, ON 1996 and its incorporation in 2011.

Original Dungeon Crawler ECG Packaging

Gifted Visions current focus is on a ECG (Expandible Card Game) called Dungeon Crawler™. This ECG was made available in August 2010 and has since grown to include mats, delve packs and has released it's first expansion "Mines of Khurgan" in 2012. This is a story mode game that expands to multi-player, competitive (2 player) and co-operative.

More information can be found on our site

If you've ever played table top games, you've probably used miniatures. Gifted Vision inc introduced their miniatures line of 28mm pre-painted (and now unpainted plastic miniatures) called DCMs in late 2011/early 2012. There are up to 12 fantastic sculpts available for your gaming needs, they can be found here

Also recently released a free Print N Play Dungeon Crawler boardgame named Labyrinth. This is a fast paced competitive game where players race to the middle of the labyrinth for the treasure. They place tiles to make a path for themselves, block other players and draw monsters to fight and get treasure from.

We have taken a short break on production for our web comic, but if you have missed out on this, definitely check it out here

On the fun side of things, we've recently produced a game called Cat-Bird-Worm. It's a very straight forward dice game of luck, check that out here