[quote]I haven’t played in a LONG while and I am sad that the repository of answers from your previous site is no longer available. But I have a new batch of questions from a game last night:

1) this is just a clarification, but you can assign a Wound from Titan to the Character that has Titan correct?[/quote]
Correct, as long as they are not immune.

[quote]2) Does Rampage only let you assign the Wound to a Melee Character or can you assign it to any of the attackers (assuming at least one attacker is Melee range)[/quote]
Any attacker, controller’s choice.

[quote]3) For Recurring Villain does “Search” mean take the top card that qualifies or can you choose one of your choice? More broadly, my question is exactly what “search” means since Search Object specifies the first two you find which would be redundant if Search already means that.[/quote]
Flip cards until you meet the requirements.

[quote]4) If Counter Attack is in play and more than one Wound is dealt will it trigger multiple times?[/quote]
It would only trigger once.

[quote]5) Move Silently says gains Stealth and Unstoppable if no other Adventurers are attacking. Does that mean that the Adventurer would gain Stealth if I don’t attack at all?[/quote]
I’m not 100% I understand the question, but 1 Adventurer attacking gains Stealth and Unstoppable.

[quote]6) Do cards get Pulled the turn after Boosted Close Call?[/quote]
No, pulling is part of Drawing cards.

[quote]7) If I play a card like Wood Shield against an attacker with Frenzy, does the extra Stamina carry over to the regular Retaliation phase?[/quote]
The Adventurers Stamina score would remain until the end of the Turn.

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