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    Q: When do event cards come into play?

    A: Event cards can be played at any time, even interrupting a successful damage roll to make it miss.

    Q: Where are event cards placed during the game?

    A: Event cards are mixed together with Loot cards to form the Treasure Card deck. When you draw, you draw Event or Loot cards randomly from the same pile.

    Q: Is the general idea is that my opponents monsters chase me and vice versa (only 2 players)?

    A: Monsters actually follow the list of Tactics found on their cards, and can attack their “owner”.

    Q: How deep is the water on the water map tiles?

    A: By default the water is Shallow unless it is indicated as Deep water on the tile by a “water mark”.

    Q: Can Monsters walk along the outer edges of the map if they spawn at number 5 and there are no map pieces there?

    A: Yes, Monsters are not restricted to just moving on the tiles. If the shortest distance to a target is along the edge, or even a single path that takes them around the entire board, they will take that path.

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