– Can the controlling player choose to discard another player’s permanent cards that are in play (e.g. ‘Elite’)?

No, as the Resource would not be checked on the other players turn for their permanent card.

– I guess you mean in relation to ‘STEP 4.7 MAINTAIN PERMANENTS’: OK so I think I understand that in this instance the card could not be discarded by the controlling player, because they did not play it themself- is this correct? I think my confusion centers around what “their” card means in the context of a co-op players turn…

– The permanent card ‘Back pack’… can a controlling player spend another player’s backpack, to gain cards for themself?

– ‘Elite’ card: Assuming it is still a played permanent, does it grant all players an increased hand limit?

– ‘Moving Search’ card: How do Tactics cards work in co-op? Is the effect a one off on the controlling player’s turn, or can it be repeated by subsequent players each turn? (as it has not yet been discarded)

Thanks for your patience with my questions. I know its a co-op experience, but I plan to play co-op with my 2 young daughters, and the clearer I can be RE rules from day 1, the better I’ll avoid potential sibling arguments!