Hi I wonder if you could help me clear up some rules questions RE coop play… I notice that the specific coop rules document on the DC website (Core rules Vol.3); the old rules have a different sequence of play which is more similar to the solo rules, where all players reset their cards/resources at the end of each turn. Are the coop rules in the complete revised rules intended to be different? I think all of my confusion is around how to handle the new ‘Step 4’ for non-controlling players cards. WIthout a coop sequence of play, it’s not clear to me how this should work.

I will try my best. The revised rules are free to view via pdf, and admitted would appear to need work for clarification.

– The permanent card ‘Back pack’… can a controlling player spend another player’s backpack, to gain cards for themself?


– ‘Elite’ card: Assuming it is still a played permanent, does it grant all players an increased hand limit?


– ‘Moving Search’ card: How do Tactics cards work in co-op? Is the effect a one off on the controlling player’s turn, or can it be repeated by subsequent players each turn? (as it has not yet been discarded)

Yes, it is in effect a one off.

– ‘Fireball’ card: If played by player B (a non-controlling player), on the next turn for player C… would this fireball again contribute its bonus and occupy one magic resource? I think these are my outstanding queries… Would you mind setting my straight?

No, it is in effect a one off.