Awesome, this is a useful terminology clarification for our discussion (I was off track).

I’m glad it helps!

So, some examples please to check my understanding (fingers crossed, I think I’ve got it now!), RE a 2 player coop game, with cards played on round 1 of the game by the non-active player (let’s call them player B)…

‘Full plate Armor’ Equipment card: uses 3 equipment resources and contributes +4 stamina this round, and also on the subsequent round (when it is discarded during player Bs Step 4 of round 2). It may be boosted during either or both rounds.

Full Plate Armour provides +4 per attacker (from the Dungeon), it can be boosted if an Adventurer is Active and in Play under any controller. It is only actively used to defend against one Retaliation.

‘Brawling’ Skill card: uses 2 skill resources every round until spent (only the controlling player may spend the card).

Brawling requires 1 Skill Resource. Yes, only the Controller can Spend a card.

‘Close call’ Tactics card: uses 3 tactics resources and ends round 1 with no more wounds dealt. In round 2 the 3 tactics resources are again used, and the players may agree on when to end the encounter in round 2 (e.g. after the adventurers deliver a wound); it is discarded at the end of round 2. It may be boosted during either or both rounds.

It is used on the Turn it is played, it does not have Upkeep, however, it is Discarded at the end of it’s Controller’s Turn.

Upkeep for permanents does not equal Not regaining your Resources. It IS possible to regain the Tactics Resources from another Player before a Tactic card leaves play on your Turn (or vice versa).

‘Fireball’ Magic card: uses 2 magic resources and contributes +4 melee power this round, and also on the subsequent round 2 (it is discarded during player Bs Step 4 of round 2).

Note, this is not what Fireball does. Fireball Costs 1, and deals +2 Ranged (fire) damage.

No. I think there is some confusion on how combat works.

Incidentally, I notice that the specific coop rules document on the DC website (Core rules Vol.3) has a different sequence of play which is more similar to the standard solo rules, where all players reset their cards/resources at the end of each turn. Are the coop rules in the new complete revised rules intended to take a different approach?

Yes, Core Rules Vol 3 was part of the initial rule set, which is an optional and easier way to play. We DID do an update to the co-op rules to make the game more challenging in the new Revised Rules.