OK I think I misunderstood your responses to my earlier questions RE how ‘Magic Long sword’ would work in coop… not helped by the fact that I think we’ve since clarified terminology for controlling player Vs active player!

I was wrong and I will update that response. It would only work on the active players turn.

Would you please review this example and explain the correct effect and resource rules for ‘Magic long sword’? My best guess at the moment is that, RE a 2 player coop game, with cards played on round 1 of the game by the non-active player (let’s call them player B)…

– Uses 2 equipment resources this round and contributes +4 melee (supernatural) this round, but 0 equipment resources next round and 0 melee power next round (when it is removed during player Bs Step 4 of round 2). It may be boosted only during round 1.


So generally non-permanent crawler cards provide a one off benefit on the round in which they are played, and only require ‘upkeep’ of resources in that single round (just like in solo mode). However, they will only be removed from play at the end of the controlling players next round (this is the key difference to solo mode).

Correct (I believe that I am reading this correctly, lol).